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11 Sept 2014: Officer of the Day, Uniform of the Day & Schedule

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This email contains a lot of information. Please review it carefully. Direct any questions to me or your flight commander. 

Reminder, the weekly announcements no longer contain General Orders. A memorandum that contains the standing orders all members are expected to follow regarding participation in the meetings of the unit is attached  for your review. Nothing new or unexpected, you should have seen this stuff before in previous announcements. The memo is filed for future review on the MEMBERS ONLY side of the squadron webpage under the SQUADRON PUBLICATIONS tab. You must use your CAP email to access this section.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has run its course in pop culture; however there is bound to be a resurgence at some point. Please review the attached memo from the National Commander. Basically, don't do the Challenge or anything like it in uniform!

Officers should review their professional development portfolios and determine if they need to attend a wing conference. The Ohio Wing Conference is October 30, 31 and November 1 in Sharonville, Ohio. For more details, see the Wing's webpage.

Thursday night's is the second installment of our model rocketry module! Attached to another email will be the CAP Rocketry Program Guide. We will start with a safety briefing on rocketry.

We are going to need a few more manual labor days over at Grays Armory to get us back in their good graces. If you are available during the week let me know? Otherwise keep your eyes and ears peeled for one or two Saturdays this month. We can do lunch again from the sandwich shop around the corner, Rothchild Farms. Sandwiches were about $7.

A word about achievements and promotions. Do yourself a favor -- knock out the promotion requirements long before the time in grade requirement. Procrastination is not a core value! 

As for Thursday night, we have a full schedule and things to accomplish. Everyone needs pitch in and do their part to make Thursday, "Must See!"

Cadets, If you have never been tailor measurement taped for uniform sizes please PRINT OUT the BLANK uniform size sheets and bring them with you. This was mentioned in last week's meeting notice. The sheet is one of the attachments to this email.

Cadets Ferguson and Frolo are scheduled for Orientation Flights on Saturday morning at Cuyahoga County Airport. Awesome! We expect pictures on Facebook!

Lastly, let's remember September 11, 2001, as a day our Republic was attacked; however let's make Sept 11, 2014, like every day since, a day our Republic is again renewed because of your dedication to Civil Air Patrol's core values and our Nation's founding principles.   

11 Sept 2014: Officer of the Day, Uniform of the Day & Schedule

Officer of the Day is 2nd Lt. Brian Frolo

Cadet Non Commissioned Officer of the Day is Cadet TSgt. Anthony Matousek

Uniform of the Day: Cadets BDU Sleeves down. Seniors BDU or BBDU sleeves down or Corporate Work Uniform. All cadets should prepare for uniform inspection and Cadet Oath.

All cadets should prepare to participate in Emergency Services/Aerospace Education Safety Seminar.

Agenda and Schedule is below.  

11 SEP 2014 - Emergency Services/Safety
1850-1900 Sign-In/ ID card Check/ Medical Emergency Forms Check (Cadet Matousek)
1900-1910 Opening Ceremonies/ Uniform Inspection (Flt CC or Flt Sgt)
1915-1930 Flight Commander’s Time (Drill & Ceremonies) 15 min
1930-1940 Break 10min (Wingman)
Emergency Services/Safety 70 min
1940-2020 Safety Briefing: Model Rocketry Safety (Cadet Matousek) 40min
2020-2050 Activity: ES Review of National Preparedness Month  (Cadet Matousek assisted by Lt.Col. Hartigan )
2050-2100 Commander’s Call 10min (Sq CC)
2100-2130 Squadron Commander’s Open Office 
Sep 8, 2014, 3:17 PM
Sep 8, 2014, 3:17 PM
Sep 8, 2014, 3:17 PM