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14 AUG 2014 Attention to Orders, Detail and Officer of the Day, Uniform of the Day

posted Aug 12, 2014, 7:00 PM by
By order of the Squadron Commander, Lt.Col. Robert P. Hartigan, CAP: 

1.     All members must be Safety current to attend the regularly scheduled meeting of the Lakefront Thunderbirds Composite Squadron 236. Current members who are not safety current should login to e-Services and take an online Safety Briefing.

2.     Any member without the required training credentials, e.g. Cadet Protection Policy Training, must be supervised by the Squadron Commander or Officer of the Day. 

a.     Officer of the Day is 2nd Lt. Brian Frolo, CAP

b.     Cadet Officer of the Day is Cadet 2nd Lt. Brent Ellis, CAP

3.     Uniform of the Day: Cadets BDU Sleeves down. Seniors BDU or BBDU sleeves down or Corporate Work Uniform. All cadets should prepare for uniform inspection and Cadet Oath.

a.  All members wearing the USAF style uniform must meet USAF grooming standards. Members wearing any uniform must comply with CAPM 39-1: Uniform Manual.

b.  New cadets without uniforms should dress business casual (khakis or chinos with a button down or polo style shirt. Please no jeans).

c.  Senior members who have not completed Level One should dress business casual.

4.     All Members must present a valid membership card during sign in!

a.     Temporary membership card may be printed from e-Services.

b.     Uniformed cadets may risk loss of participation credit if they fail to produce a valid membership card during sign-in.

c.      A lost membership card does not mean you are allowed to miss the meeting.

d.     Contact the Squadron Commander immediately via email if you have lost your membership card.

5.     All cadets should prepare to participate in Safety Briefing & Activity

6.     Cadets needing a practical drill & ceremonies test for promotion consideration must make prior arrangements and schedule the test before the start of the meeting.

7.     Agenda and Schedule is below.  

14 AUG 2014 - Emergency Services/Safety
1850-1900 Sign-In/ ID card Check/ Medical Emergency Forms Check (Cadet Matousek)
1900-1910 Opening Ceremonies/ Uniform Inspection (Flt CC or Flt Sgt)
1915-1930 Flight Commander’s Time (Drill & Ceremonies) 15 min
1930-1940 Break 10min (Wingman)
Emergency Services/Safety 70 min
1940-2020 Safety Briefing: Flight-line Marshaling (Cadet Matousek) 40min
2020-2050 Activity: ES  (Cadet Matousek assisted by Lt.Col. Hartigan )
2050-2100 Commander’s Call 10min (Sq CC)
2100-2130 Squadron Commander’s Open Office