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22 DEC 2014 Attention to Orders, Officer of the Day, Detail of the Day

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Thank you to all the members who are making progress in Emergency Services online learning and training. Great work! Keep it up. Encourage your fellow squadron mates to complete those learning modules! We are on track to hit the ground running in 2015. 

I mentioned this last week and I am going to copy and paste it every week until every member meets and upholds the uniform standard: A comment about uniforms. This goes for Cadets and Seniors. Please remember being able to wear the USAF uniform is a privilege. Uniforms must be worn in accordance with CAP Uniform Manual 39-1. Generally speaking the uniform must be clean, pressed and wrinkle free, insignia placed and secured correctly and the wearer must meet grooming standards. Keep in mind, the USAF uniform is symbolic and represents the core values of the USAF and CAP. Failing to meet the standards set out in CAPM39-1 is not acceptable. Please take care when preparing to wear your uniform. The public will notice. If you have any questions about uniform wear and care please read CAPM39-1

Cadet Memory Knowledge: Chain of Command 

President of the United States: _________________________________________
Secretary of Defense:_________________________________________________
Secretary of the Air Force:_____________________________________________
Chairman of the CAP Board of Governors:_________________________________
National Commander:_________________________________________________
Great Lakes Region Commander:________________________________________
Ohio Wing Commander:________________________________________________
Group IV Commander:_________________________________________________
236 Squadron Commander:_____________________________________________
Cadet Flight Commander:______________________________________________
Cadet Element Leader:_________________________________________________

Please print the Chain of Command text portion of the email and fill out!

As a reminder: December's schedule is published on the Squadron website calendar. 

By order of the Squadron Commander:

Officer of the Day
Capt. Peet McCain
Cadet/SSgt Malik King

Uniform of the Day
Blues (short or long sleeve)  with tie
Ribbons for Phase I & II cadets
Ribbons optional for Phase III cadets and Senior Members

Schedule for Weekly Meeting on Monday, Dec 22, 2014
Aerospace Education Seminar
1850-1900 Sign-In/ ID card Check/ Medical Emergency Forms Check -- All members
1900-1910 Opening Ceremonies/ Uniform Inspection -- All members
1915-1930 Flight Commander’s Time (Drill & Ceremonies) 15 min -- Cadets
1915-1930 Officers Call 15 minutes -- Senior Members
1930-1940 Break 10min -- All members
Aerospace Education  70 min -- Cadets
Professional Development 70 min -- Seniors
1940-2050 Level One Quizzes -- Senior member officer candidates 
1940-2020 Aerospace Seminar 1 - Cadets
2020-2050 Aerospace Seminar 2 - All available members
2050-2100 Commander’s Call 10min
2100-2130 Squadron Commander’s Open Office


Cleveland Lakefront Thunderbirds Composite Squadron 236