CAP Model Rocketry Program Primer Mid 3rd Quarter & 4th Quarter CY2014

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CAP's Model Rocketry Program is a voluntary activity (however it is expected that cadets attending meetings WILL participate. If they wish to receive the program’s awards they will need to take the tests and participate in the out-of-meeting activities). 

Program is designed to take approximately 2-3 months to complete (the regulation is not clear if this means the entire meeting for 2-3 months, or an hour a week for 2-3 months. We will have to make our own time estimates based on our experiences. Regardless, a large amount of time will be required).

What is Model Rocketry?
It is the designing, building, and flying of small rockets made of paper, plastic, balsa wood or any other non-metallic product. It is “rocket science” in miniature. The same designing, building, and launch operations skills needed to launch “real” rockets apply to model rocketry.
Objectives per CAPR 50-20:
a. Acquaint CAP cadets with the importance of rocketry and its role in the future.
b. Increase the cadet’s knowledge of aerospace science and motivate them to attain an even greater knowledge of aerospace sciences.
c. Employ an interest in model rocketry to enrich the total development of CAP cadets.
d. Provide activities and opportunities for the development of aerospace leadership skills.
e. Arouse interest in aerospace careers that require knowledge of rocketry.
f. Contribute to the development of an understanding of aerospace power.
g. Lead to the discovery and furtherance of the individual educational needs of cadets aspiring to careers in aerospace.

CAP Model Rocketry Program is the next step after studying Module 4-“Rockets” of the Aerospace Dimensions book. It is designed to cover the basics of rocket history, rocket science, rocket building, and the safe launch and recovery of model rockets. It is designed to get both cadets and senior members working together. Upon completion, cadets will be recognized as having leadership skills in the field of model rocketry.
Aug 20, 2014, 10:21 AM